Film review: ‘Kate’


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By Madelaine Vikse , Editor-in-Chief

“Kate,” released Sept. 10 on Netflix, is an action-packed adventure thriller that has been compared to the well-known “John Wick” series.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars as Kate, who is an assassin in Tokyo. After being poisoned one night, Kate finds out she only has about 24 hours to live and spends those last 24 hours trying to find the person who poisoned her so that she can get her revenge.

There is never a dull moment in “Kate.” The film is filled with fast-paced action from start to finish and features violently ruthless and creative killing sprees. An unlikely friendship forms when Ani, played by Miku Martineau, joins Kate on her mission even though Ani is related to the family members that the duo is hunting down. Woody Harrelson plays Varrick, Kate’s mentor and father figure. 

Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has previously directed “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” It is no secret that Nicolas-Troyan has a talent when it comes to action-packed storylines. Experienced music composer Nathan Barr proves that he is fantastic at providing various genres of songs and still creating a cohesive soundtrack.

Winstead and Martineau’s acting is captivating and portrays the characters flawlessly. The film presents the viewer with interesting character background and character development that bring some emotion into the film, giving the storyline more depth and meaning.

One of the main highlights of “Kate” is the cinematography by Lyle Vincent. The film primarily takes place at night and features moody lighting, neon signs and eye-catching skyscrapers. Even the bloody brutal killings are fascinating and aesthetically pleasing.

At times the storyline can feel forced and rushed, and sometimes a bit repetitive. Kate ends up being badly wounded while fighting other individuals and continues the journey even after being shot, which can come across as unrealistic throughout the film.

“Kate” is about a woman who will stop at nothing to get her revenge while she still can. The film has a few minor faults but overall keeps the audience entertained and guessing with a surprising plot twist.