Dorm halls engage in Halloween events


Mingda Wu

Halloween decorations featuring a spider and webs located in the residence halls for Halloween.

By Ariel Morris , Lifestyle reporter

DeKALB – Halloween is approaching, and the residence halls are preparing for upcoming events to engage residents. Halloween events at NIU have been a tradition for students and the abundant activities to do are worthwhile.

Before COVID-19, events took place in different residence halls. In Fall 2018, Stevenson Towers hosted a haunted-themed basement, which had people dressed up and prepared to jump scare visitors as they walked through. 

Neptune has plans this year for its residents. Everyone is welcomed to this event being hosted in Neptune North E-Sports Arena. This event is called “Neptune Game Night,” where residents can interact and play video and board games. Neptune community advisers Kaylee Beardon, Jack O’Connell and others had thought of some creative ideas to get students at NIU more engaged without relating to school. 

To share the Halloween spirits, Neptune East CAs decided to host a space for game lovers. This event will take place at 7 p.m. Oct. 23, and there will be food and drinks. 

Neptune is also hosting a more intimate event in Neptune East for decorating pumpkins Oct 22. Beardon was looking forward to having a larger space to accommodate  more people, but the Residence Hall Association’s budget doesn’t align with what the community advisers want to do. 

“We spent a lot of time decorating our lounge, and up and down the hallways and we need to get stuff approved from our manager to do something lowkey for our floor,” Beardon said.

Some of the other hall directors are also planning to set upcoming events. Ben Minogue, hall director at Grant Towers said that the RHA has plans for upcoming events, but they must have leaders in the community council to help coordinate and have plans set in motion. At this time, they’re struggling with that, hence the delay for more information about these events to take place. 


With newer variants of COVID-19, it’s been difficult to fully expand the various Halloween ideas, so that everyone can join. For now, there is plenty to celebrate this Halloween at the residence halls.