Victim remains in critical condition

By Sabryna Cornish

A former NIU student who was stabbed less than a month ago has been moved to a different hospital but his condition remains the same.

Alphonso Knight, 19, was moved from Saint Anthony’s Medical Center in Rockford to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, said Cheryl Lester, secretary of community relations at Saint Anthony’s.

Lester said Knight still was in critical condition when he was moved Monday.

Maureen Murphy, spokesperson for the Loyola Medical Center, said Wednesday that Knight’s condition has not improved since the move.

Knight was moved at his family’s request, said Gerrie Gustafson, Saint Anthony’s community relations director.

“It’s difficult (for the family) to be there all the time,” she said.

Gustafson said Knight is able to communicate by writing to his family, but he has not been able to speak because of a ventilator.

Because of the nature of Knight’s injuries, Gustafson said, it is not out of the ordinary to be in critical condition for three weeks.

“When it’s a multiple trauma, his condition is not unusual,” she said.

Knight was stabbed in the side with a 12-inch knife by an unidentified attacker during a fight at Grant Towers South March 21.

University Police Officer John Hunter said UPs “are investigating and have some information, but nothing to be released.”

Knight was an NIU student last semester. Knight’s friend, Jermaine Turner, also was attacked during the fight.