NIU groups to sponsor Easter egg hunt

By Scott Lohman

The Easter Bunny will make an early appearance at the West Lagoon Sunday.

DeKalb Big Brothers and Big Sisters and NIU’s Delta Chi fraternity are sponsoring an Easter egg hunt Sunday from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the lagoon.

Delta Chi philanthropy chairman Todd Clement said the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program helps children from broken homes and kids without any other siblings.

“I’m glad that some of the fraternities and sororities are going to be involved with the egg hunt,” Clement said.”It’s nice to help the kids out,” he added.

“It (the egg hunt) will be fun for everyone,” Darcy Dreyer, an Alpha Phi member and special education major, said. “The hunt will be good for the kids, and we’ll provide them with good role models.”

Case worker for the Big Brother and Big Sister program Jenny Taylor said that Easter baskets will be given to the kids and the Easter Bunny will also be making an appearance.

Tim McCloud, former Phi Kappa Theta president, said that “fraternity and sorority people may want to become actual Big Brothers and Big Sisters because of the egg hunt.”

He added that he hopes the fraternities and sororities can do more things with the Big Brother/Sister program than just the egg hunt.