City council passes KoKo’s resolution

By D. Richard Roth

After months of heated debate and concessions, the DeKalb City Council finally passed a resolution Monday night allowing KoKo’s Restaurant to break ground.

The council voted 6-1 to pass what originally was a simple restaurant development that quickly escalated into a bevy of interpretations of technical details.

At issue were various development details including deceleration lanes, fire hydrants and easements, said DeKalb City Manager Mark Stevens.

“Mr. Hrovat and the city disagreed on who should be responsible for picking up the tab for the fire hydrant and the road improvements,” Stevens said.

The resolution passed Monday night will allow the city to execute a development agreement with Hrovat.

Stevens said the various elements of the agreement benefit Hrovat and the city.

The city will pay for the required sidewalk construction running in front of KoKo’s, and Hrovat will reimburse DeKalb in equal installments during the next five years, he said.

Additionally, DeKalb will foot the bill for half of the $10,000 required for road improvements, with the other half being loaned to Hrovat, Stevens said. The loan will be repaid to DeKalb over five years in equal installments.

The fire hydrant the plan commission required Hrovat to build on KoKo’s property will be paid for by the city at a cost of $3,000, he said. There are no reimbursement provisions for this construction.

To guarantee repayment of the loans made to Hrovat, DeKalb will require him to submit a subdivider’s bond or letter of credit to the city, Stevens said.

After the resolution passed, Hrovat said he was pleased with the city council’s actions.

“I am happy this process is over with. Hopefully, KoKo’s can be open for business in three to four months,” Hrovat said.