Bromley plagued with criminal incidents

By Stewart Warren

The Sunday arrest of a Bromley Hall resident on charges of indecent exposure was the most recent in a series of criminal incidents that have plagued the private dormitory.

According to DeKalb Police reports and Bromley Hall manager Susan Cassens:

‘During the 1991 NIU Spring Break, at least 13 Bromley Hall apartments and dormitory rooms were burglarized. There was no sign of forced entry.

‘In October 1991, Cassens evicted 14 out of 20 members of the Kishwaukee College basketball team who lived at Bromley and were causing problems in the dorm.

‘On Jan. 12, one man knifed another outside the residence hall. One of the men was a Bromley resident, and the other man had been staying at Bromley for several days.

‘On April 5, DeKalb Police arrested Bromley residents Trudy M. Roach and Linda M. Redmon and charged them with fighting after the women bit each other during a brawl in the dorm’s cafeteria.

‘DeKalb Police arrested Kishwaukee basketball team guard Jerome Williams, 19, 830 Edgebrook Drive, Apt. 16C, Sunday and charged him with public indecency.

Williams walked into his residence assistant’s room, disrobed and began to masturbate, police said.

The RA, an NIU senior, said though Williams is “a very nice guy,” she said she believes “he was very, very drunk” Sunday morning.

Williams’ behavior frightened the RA. “I picked up my keys and put them between my fingers because I felt threatened. When he realized I would hurt him because I felt threatened, he left,” she said.

Williams could not be reached for comment.

Gregg Gierke, the Kishwaukee mens’ basketball coach and athletic director, said he hadn’t had any problems with Williams.

But “kids will be kids,” said Gierke, who guided the Kishwaukee basketball team to a 1992 National Junior College Athletic Association second place ranking.

Cassens said she thinks Gierke recruited basketball players solely for their athletic ability and did not consider if the players could behave appropriately in a college environment.

Cassens, however, said Gierke agreed to help her supervise and discipline the players at Bromley, but he did not live up to his end of the bargain. She said she blames some of the dorm’s recent problems on him.

“Coach Gierke knew that he was bringing in people with gang affiliations. He knew it. There is no way he could not know this, unless he was completely stupid,” she said.

“Susan calls occasionally to say someone has a problem (at the dorm),” Gierke said. “We take care of it.”