What I’m watching this weekend: Madelaine Vikse


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The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

There are countless options for movies and TV shows out there to choose from. If you’re anything like me, you’ll scroll through a ridiculous number of options and not know which one to pick. Here are three shows or movies I’m watching this weekend and you should too. 

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

There are so many TV comedy series out there, and I am slowly making my way through all of them. If you enjoy “The Office,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Community,” then “Schitt’s Creek” is worth checking out. 

“Schitt’s Creek” follows a wealthy family adapting to a life without all the luxurious items and privileges that they have lost. The family ends up in the Rosebud motel in a small town called Schitt’s Creek and must figure out what they are going to do next.

The characters are all unique and hilarious in their own ways and every episode is entertaining. There are six seasons of “Schitt’s Creek,” with each episode about 22 minutes long, perfect if you’re looking for something to binge-watch in a weekend.

The French Dispatch

“The French Dispatch” is Wes Anderson’s latest film that comes to theaters Friday, Oct. 29. Wes Anderson has directed films such as “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Isle of Dogs.”

Bill Murray, left, and Pablo Pauly in a scene from “The French Dispatch.” You can see the movie in theatres Friday. (Searchlight Pictures Via the Associated Press)

The film will follow the fictional “The French Dispatch Magazine” and features an impressive cast including Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Saoirse Ronan, Frances McDormand and Jeffrey Wright.

The great thing about Anderson’s films is that they are all notably unique in terms of his style. Expect colorful characters, animation, a quirky storyline and dry humor. The film is about an hour and 43 minutes long which would make this a great date night commitment if you have the time. Click here to find showtimes at a theatre near you.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Peacock)

Since Halloween is practically upon us, a Halloween movie is a perfect way for you to spend your Sunday. “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is set in the late 60s and follows a group of friends who find a magical book. Throughout the film, scary stories begin to appear on pages that were previously blank, and the group realizes that the stories are happening to each of them. 

The film isn’t as creepy as other horror films such as “Hereditary,” but it is entertaining and almost makes the viewer reminisce about how Halloween feels when you’re a kid. With its availability across streaming platforms, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” can be viewed anytime this Halloween weekend.