Lincoln Hall holds Custodian Appreciation Day

By R. Scott Lohman

Lincoln Hall residents said “thank you” to their custodians Tuesday during Custodian Appreciation Day.

The custodians of Lincoln Hall were honored for their service and loyalty with a steak dinner and entertainment.

NIU English major Bill McCoy, coordinator of Custodian Appreciation Day, said he “wanted (to have) something special for the custodians.”

McCoy also said that he wants the appreciation day to be a campus-wide event. “It would also be nice for this type of event to be expanded to food service workers as well.”

Jeff Alicz, senior industrial engineering technology major, said, “It’s about time that they (the custodians) have been honored.”

At the dinner, Lincoln Hall Director Mary Chilvers shared her appreciation for the work that the janitors do.

Roger Thuestad, one of the honored building service workers, said, “It (the appreciation day) was a nice gesture on the part of the students. Just the effort put forth by the students helps out our attitude.”

Linda Koschoreck, Douglas Hall director, said the appreciation day is a “wonderful idea to recognize the work that they (the custodians) do.” Last October, Douglas Hall had a similar event which went very well, Koschoreck said.