SA tables resolution to investigate Star

By Jayna Ronayne

A resolution to assign a special committee to investigate the accuracy of charges against The Northern Star was discussed and tabled at Sunday’s Student Association meeting.

SA Sen. Trevor Rice presented the resolution along with SA Sen. Latice Coleman, which stated that after listening to the recent debate concerning The Northern Star, “we have concluded that we do not have sufficient facts to determine if the charges made against the Star are accurate.”

The resolution continued that since charges against the Star were serious and important, the SA should determine if the charges are valid.

The idea behind the resolution is to assign the Internal Affairs Committee to a special committee to investigate the charges. Charges include stereotyping, provoking racial division, inaccurate source reporting and censoring information.

Depending on the committee’s findings, the resolution requests that the President’s Fee Study Review Board withdraw all funding designated to the Star demand the Star comply with the recommendations of the committee or acquit the Star of all charges.

After many questions and answers concerning the amount of time left in the semester to investigate, and legal ramifications and clarifications, the resolution was put on hold until the April 26 meeting.

In other business, SA Sen. Nelson Perez reported on his March SA-sponsored trip to the National Association For Chicano Studies Conference.

Perez said one of the points made at the conference was the need to condemn the usage of the word “hispanic” because it has “historically denied us part of our indigenous identity and national identity.”

“I am not trying to create controversy,” Perez said, “but when our own people start accepting ‘hispanic’ as a term for themselves, something has to be done.”