Scope of Campus Life Building expanded

By Caryn Rosenberg

Preliminary plans for the proposed Campus Life Building have expanded to fit the needs of the organizations involved.

Eddie Williams, vice president of Finance and Planning, said the scope of the project was widened because the amount of space in the building was modified.

“Because we cannot increase student fees, we decided to bring in organizations that could generate their own funds,” Williams said.

Williams said the self-funded organizations housed in the Campus Life Building will rent space on a yearly basis but said he is not sure how rental of the vacated areas in the Holmes Student Center will be handled.

“I don’t know if space in the Holmes Student Center will be available on a day-to-day rental,” he said. “We’re still working on that. There will be rental rates established, but we’ve got to know what our full costs are first.”

Although increased space will be offered to many campus organizations and offices, the space for Students’ Legal Assistance has been cut completely.

“Student Legal is not going to be put in the new building, but will use some of the vacated space in the Holmes Student Center,” he said.

In addition, Williams said the classrooms proposed in the preliminary plan might be cut from the final plan because of the amount of classroom space not utilized in existing buildings.

“I don’t think that classrooms would be one of the things (the Academic Affairs Committee) would particularly consider,” Williams said. “I don’t think they will be putting in classrooms as such, but the Academic Affairs division has their own internal process and makes recommendations as to how they would like to use that space.”

Williams said the proposal for the new building will be brought up at the April Board of Regents meeting.

“We will give the board an update on where we’re at on the project,” Williams said. “No official action will be taking place—just an update. No action will take place and no vote will take place.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Barbara Henley previously said the proposed building will provide much-needed space on the campus and benefit NIU students.

“If offices and opportunities can expand, it will better serve the students,” she said.