Tired campaign needs new face

There could be a new candidate in the presidential contest.

Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot, whose fortune has been estimated at about $3 billion, has said that he will run for president as an independent if he can find enough volunteers to qualify him for the November ballot in all 50 states.

And although he might be new to the race, Perot isn’t faring too badly considering the circumstances. According to a new Los Angeles Times poll, one-fifth of all registered voters say that they would support Perot in a three-way race for the White House. Perot’s support is hardly surprising, though. Between president George Bush’s almost non-existent campaign and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton’s “I’m a glamour boy—vote for me” crusade, voters are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the entire political scenario. With conservative commentator Pat Buchanan and the always unpredictable Jerry Brown in the running, people think they’re watching a circus rather than a race for the leader of our country’s position.

While it’s unlikely Perot will do extremely well in the race, his presence is welcome. Besides bringing new blood into an already tired campaign, he will hopefully open Bush and Clinton’s eyes to the fact that people have grown tired of the same old rhetoric.