Let SA runoff results stand

Baseball great Yogi Berra once pontificated that “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Well, let’s hope that this old baseball cliche doesn’t hold true for the Student Association elections.

The election results from Wednesday’s runoff finally trickled in during the wee hours of Thursday morning. However, there are still petitions pending which would nullify the first election, which featured a bevy of candidates for each position.

For the SA to have any credibility in the fall, the results of the runoff should stand. The administration is probably grabbing its sides with laughter at an election process which comes straight out of the theater of the absurd. Three elections are two too many for the student body to be forced to put up with. In addition, nullifying the results and ordering another election would needlessly put the candidates, who already have racked up big campaigning costs, through the meat grinder once again.

Let’s congratulate the winners and support them. Good luck to president-elect Paul Middleton, vice president-elect Anastasia Criscione and treasurer-elect Tony Lopykinski in the fall. After all, this new and relatively inexperienced SA administration is going to be stepping into the fire, facing an administration which continually ignores the needs of students in favor of building monuments such as the Campus Life Building as a tribute to themselves.

Students need to pull together, lose the shroud of apathy which engulfs the campus, and stand up for their concerns.