County board passes funding resolution

By Paul Kirk

The DeKalb County Board discussed the possibility of supplementing funding to the DeKalb County Nursing Home through the creation of a financial foundation.

County Board member James Forster asked the board to pass a resolution stating that the county realizes the need to supplement funding to the home.

“The county home committee would like permission to investigate further the possibility and liability of a foundation to support the county home,” he said.

However, several board members said the resolution stated

something different.

“That’s not what it says. The resolution asks us to make a decision tonight,” said board member Samuel Bandy. “We want to know what we’re getting into.”

“We simply want to know if the county board wants a foundation,” said board member John O’Meara.

The board bantered the issue of what the resolution actually stated until board member Tim Bagby proposed a clarification be added to the resolution through an amendment.

Bagby asked that a revision be made to the resolution to show the true intent.

“The resolution should support the committee to continue studying the possibility of the foundation,” Bagby said.

Board member Thomas Gary said he thought it would be more appropriate for the board to have “a little bit more” written information before approving the foundation request.

Written information was inadvertently not distributed to the board members before the meeting began.

However, board member John McClure continued to express concern over the financial matters of the foundation project.

“Somebody’s got to manage the money and if someone is going to

do this for nothing, then you’re whistling dixie,” McClure said.

County Board Chair Robert Hutcheson clarified that the committee would study the proposal and come back to the board with their findings.

The resolution passed unanimously with Bagby’s amendment included.