City council questions restaurant proposal

By Donald Roth Jr.

The proposed plans for a new restaurant in DeKalb encountered resistance from DeKalb Plan Commission officials at the April 1 meeting.

Developer Mike “KoKo” Hrovat plans to build a KoKo’s restaurant on the east side of Annie Glidden Road south of the railroad tracks.

The establishment would offer sit-down dining with a wide variety of menu items.

Hrovat submitted development plans to the DeKalb City Council earlier this year which were met with two reservations, DeKalb Planning Director Mark Bierncaki said.

The first concern was with the restaurant’s location. It would require a 40-foot setback which would cause the proposed parking configuration to be changed, he said.

The second problem pertained to access points for KoKo’s. Biernacki said that the access points being proposed could cause a problem with ingress and egress to KoKo’s because it’s so close to the railroad viaduct and because of the point where the two lanes merge on Annie Glidden Road, he said.

Biernacki said the first solution proposed was to allow for a temporary access point on Annie Glidden Road and a permanent access point to be built on adjacent property allowing access from a point further to the south.

Another proposal is that Hrovat make a cash contribution of $10,000 to be used for future improvements on Annie Glidden Road, he said.

Part of the contribution would be used to pay for the widening of Annie Glidden Road to provide for a short entry lane for northbound traffic movement, DeKalb Assistant Director of Public Works for Engineering Services Ralph Tompkins said.

Other improvements included in the contribution would be the construction of a sidewalk, easement and drive entrance for KoKo’s, he said.

Hrovat asked the plan commission at the April 1 meeting to waive the contribution but was turned down.

Biernacki said Hrovat could either make the contribution or make a similar request at the full DeKalb City Council meeting on April 13.