SA commissioner resigns position

By Eric Krol

In yet another twist in the Student Association elections, SA Election Commissioner Lance Schart resigned last night.

Schart tendered his resignation Wednesday night effective 11:59 p.m. to SA President Preston Came.

Schart said he resigned “due to academic necessity and bureaucratic inaccuracies.”

The original elections were held last week. However, no candidate received the majority necessary to win. The election results have been questioned by several petitions to the SA Supreme Court.

Schart said because of the new petitions, the SA Supreme Court would not make a decision on them until 7 p.m. on Friday.

Runoff elections were held Wednesday between the two candidates who received the most votes for each office.

Schart said charges of bias and racism did not influence his decision. “I know in my heart I am not a racist,” he said.

Schart’s resignation stated that he recommends no replacement. “At this point, the election is so biased that I don’t think any individual would be able to administer the election effectively,” he said.

The SA vice president is supposed to appoint a new election commissioner. However, SA Vice President John Quilico resigned at Sunday’s SA meeting for “personal reasons.”

Came said he spoke to the SA Supreme Court justices, and bylaws dictate that he will make the selection.

However, the SA senate must confirm any appointments, so the earliest confirmation date would be at Sunday’s senate meeting.

Came said he would look within the election committee for a replacement.

“I am disappointed that he resigned in the midst of the election, but I will move quickly to fill the post,” Came said.

SA Public Relations Adviser Rebecca Bahr said Schart’s resignation was “very unexpected.” Bahr said the elections committee will come up “with a name or two” if necessary.