Banquet to honor Tribune journalist

By Jeff Stensland

Faculty and students of the NIU journalism department have named Colleen Dishon, a senior editor of the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Journalist of the Year.

Dishon is the 21st journalist to receive the award and will attend the annual journalism banquet tomorrow. The banquet, to be held in the Blackhawk Room in the Holmes Student Center, will feature Dishon as the keynote speaker. A plaque and a monetary prize will also be presented to Dishon.

Dishon, who has been a journalist for over 40 years, has been described as an innovator in the newspaper business. She began working for the Chicago Tribune as a features editor after working for several other newspapers.

Donald Brod, journalism professor and department chairman, said that Dishon was chosen for the Illinois Journalist of the Year award from a field of six candidates.

“We chose her because of her exceptional career in the field of newspapering. She’s been a leader in innovation and development of the newspapers of the future,” Brod said.

Journalism Professor Russel Elder praised Dishon’s contributions to the Tribune’s women’s pages.

“It’s about time the women’s pages got out of the cooking and

cleaning mode, and got more in touch with today’s modern women. Dishon has done that very well,” Elder said.

Dishon has also served on numerous committees, such as the American Society of Newspaper Editors, where she received the prestigious President’s Award for “exceptional achievement.”

Other journalists to receive this award in past years include Mike Royko, Walter Jacobson, and Clarence Page.