Best things to take advantage of the winter season


Northern Star File Photo

Family enjoys sledding in Hopkins Park.

By Kyron Lewis, Lifestyle Writer

Winter break is fast approaching, and it is a time to relax and unwind from a long semester of school. 

The most dreaded part of the winter season is the weather. More specifically, the freezing cold and snow that Illinois residents are all too familiar with. However, it’s undervalued as it has always been seen as a joyful time that allows you to reflect and prepare for new changes in the coming new year. There are also activities to do that are usually associated or exclusive to this time of year, whether that’s taking advantage of activities in the cold, or something to do in the comfort of your home. 


Sledding is such a fun and inexpensive activity to do with family and friends. Also, it’s underrated how fun it can be buying or using a makeshift sled. Whether you buy a sleigh from a store or otherwise, you can make an activity out of customizing your sled. Other household items or everyday things could work as sleds for one person, such as the top of a trash can, tote tops or tote boxes and more. It’s all up to the imagination. 

Tree Decorating

Putting on the ornaments on a Christmas tree builds memories with families and is a joyous experience, especially for those with young children. Some may even find that they have a Christmas ornament in particular that they gravitate to. This is because it allows people customize and have a certain aesthetic and is nostalgic.

Ice Skating

For those who enjoy it or are talented in ice skating, then they deserve applause because this is an activity that requires one to keep their balance while skating on ice using a pair of skates with blades on the bottom. The blades aren’t excessively sharp but can still cause harm if skaters aren’t careful. Unlike roller skating which has four wheels, ice skating is just utilizing the single blade and that makes it easier for skaters to fall. Nonetheless, it’s an activity that people should at least try once. 


Baking is something people can pick up as a hobby at any time, but it’s around the holidays that baked goods tend to be on full display. As much as we enjoy sweet treats and stuffing our faces, it can be interesting to participate in learning from family members or  friends about certain recipes and actually baking your own treats this holiday season. It is also just a nice gesture as you would be providing help in the kitchen and can be proud of something that you helped make. 

Hot Chocolate and Movies

This is the most basic activity out of the bunch; however, it’s arguably the most wholesome. It’s simple, whether you have a big or small family, or even just want to relax on your own. It is splendid to grab a cup of hot chocolate in your favorite mug with marshmallows or other customizations. Sit on the couch or in bed and reminisce by watching holiday films from your childhood, or maybe new films. Some may see this activity as boring, but at its core, nothing beats it.