Resident complains about area students

By Stewart Warren

Although many people love living on Greek Row, Ronald Stewart doesn’t.

He says that NIU students who play ball in a vacant lot adjacent to his Greek Row-area apartment block his driveway with their cars and vandalize his apartment building and grounds.

Stewart, 55, lives in Greenbrier Apartments, church-owned handicapped housing, and he’s had it with the students who hang out in his neighborhood.

On April 13, DeKalb Police charged Stewart with unlawful damage to a vehicle, after he hit a young woman’s red Camaro with his cane. The damage totaled $150.

The Greek Row resident said the woman drove her car over an 18-inch walnut sapling that he had grown from a nut.

Stewart, who said he lives on a veteran’s pension and suffers from back problems, said he wasn’t surprised when the young woman ran over his tree, but he was mad. “Living here among the fraternities—a lot of college people have no regard for public property,” Stewart said.

DeKalb Police Lt. Chuck Kross said the police can’t help Stewart. Although Stewart has complained to authorities about the incidents several times, Kross said the state’s attorney’s office must handle the problem because the incidents happen on private property.

Stewart is scheduled to appear in court May 8.