Health center employees certified, honored

By Michael Berg

Two University Health Service employees at NIU were certified and honored in two nationwide tests recently.

University Health Service Director Rosemary Lane was certified by the American Board of Medical Management. She said she has been preparing extensively for the exam.

“I studied about a week a year for five years,” Lane said. “I attended classes all week in medical management.”

Lane attended conferences and classes, which were “fairly time-consuming and expensive,” she said. “The university paid some (money), but in general I covered the cost myself.

“It’s a logical step for physicians to learn business,” Lane said. “Most physicians don’t have the business background to run a medical facility and be in charge of a health care unit.”

Also recognized was Charge Nurse in the injury/after hours clinic Helen Traglia. She was certified by the American Nursing Association in the medical field of college health care.

“The A.N.A. has several different specialty certification exams,” Traglia said. “(The A.N.A.) recognized college health care as a specialty and had the first exam for it in October 1991.”

Traglia attended two review sessions and studied on her own, she said. The test covered topics such as environmental health illness and injuries specific to college health care, she said.

A person has to be employed on college health nursing for three years to qualify for the examination, Traglia said.