GLU sponsors ‘Clothing Day’

By Jeff Stensland

Students who always donned sweat pants for the yearly Gay/Lesbian Union-sponsored “Jeans Day” are the reason for a change in tradition.

Today is the GLU-sponsored “Clothing Day,” which means anyone wearing clothes will be supporting human rights, said GLU President David Huggins.

For the past six years, the Gay Awareness Week event caused controversy because of the high number of students wearing sweat pants instead of jeans, which prompted the change to “Clothing Day,” Huggins said.

Huggins said that the purpose of “Clothing Day” is to show support for basic human rights, not necessarily to condone homosexuality.

Huggins said “Jeans Day” was intended to garner support for gay rights but “Clothing Day” is an attempt by the GLU to expand its scope of appeal among heterosexuals and homosexuals.

“We want to celebrate everyone’s diversity and everyone’s basic human rights. You don’t have to believe in gayness as a lifestyle to believe that everyone is entitled to such things as the right to a job or the right not to be killed,” Huggins said.

GLU member Jerry Mazzolini said he hopes the change will help reduce controversy and draw attention to the day’s main purpose.

He also said the change will solve the past problem of people not wanting to be associated with homosexuality because everyone supports human rights and everyone has to wear clothes.

The GLU also will hold a panel discussion tonight called “Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry” tonight in Lincoln Hall for anyone who wishes to make their feelings known in regards to “Clothing Day” or any gay issue. The forum will be from 8 to 9:30 p.m. in Classroom B.

Huggins said people who are not gay are particularly encouraged to attend and voice their concerns and comments.