Lights installed on campus call boxes

By Michelle Esposito

Blue lights above the emergency call boxes will make them easier to see.

University Police Lt. Ken Kaiser said the installation began about two weeks ago.

“The purpose of the blue lights is so students will immediately recognize the boxes at night,” Kaiser said.

As a result, Kaiser said he hopes easier recognition of the call boxes will help reduce crime.

Don Buckner, associate vice president for Student Affairs, said lights will be installed on each of the 17 call boxes on campus.

Kaiser said the decision for the blue lights was somewhat of a plan B when the call boxes were installed. “The final decision was made by Barbara Henley and Pat Hewitt,” Kaiser added.

Patricia Hewitt, associate vice president of Business and Operations, said NIU President John La Tourette first requested that lights be put up to allow students to immediately find the call boxes when in trouble.

The funding of the blue lights came from Campus Parking said the Campus Parking Office. The cost was $1,715, they added.

The blue lights are presently being installed by the university electricians, Kaiser said.

There are several call boxes on campus, some of which are located in the King Memorial Commons, north of Swen Parson Hall and on the corner of Lucinda and Stadium drives by Lincoln Hall.

Also, there are lights near the east and west lagoons and in parking lots O, X, W, A and V, said University Police Sgt. Ed Bohn.

Buckner added lights hopefully will make the people feel a lot safer.

Henley and Parking Division Manager Helen Nodurft were unavailable for comment.