NIU to rehabilitate lighting and PA system

By Matt Michalek

NIU will rehabilitate the lighting and public address system in Huskie Stadium this summer to the tune of about $300,000.

Conrad Miller, project director at Architectural and Engineering Services said, “We are going to replace the light fixtures on existing poles. Also, some poles are at an angle and need to be straightened out. We are also going to do some renovation of the existing sound system.”

James Harder, vice president of Business and Operations, said the deterioration of the lights has been identified for several years.

“The essence of the project is to replace light fixtures that are old and do not provide proper illumination. There is more that we would have liked to do but couldn’t because of a limit on funds,” Miller said.

“We would like to also replace the existing sound system, which is 25 years old. All we have the money to do though, is to rehabilitate some of the speakers, three of which do not work at all right now,” he said.

Although there are only one or two home night football games each year, Miller said the stadium has many uses.

“In addition to football, it is used for intramurals, soccer and different conventions over the year and summer,” he said. “It is used at night a lot, and we need to improve the


If all goes well, the project will begin the Fourth of July weekend, Miller said. “We still need to get the bids from the contractors. The bids need to be read and sent to the May Board of Regents meeting for approval.

After BOR approval it takes about a month to sign the contracts and begin the job, he added.

“Overall, the project has to be finished before football season starts. Right now, we are operating with the intent to be finished by the first part of August,” he said. “We will be on a tight schedule, but we feel that we can do it.”

“This project is long overdue for completion,” Harder said.