Towers’ features students’ prose, poetry, art

By R. Scott Lohman

“Towers” magazine is celebrating some of its prize-winning writers.

The 72nd issue of “Towers” magazine is a collection of fictional prose, poetry and visual arts.

“Just as a water tower holds water, so also does the ‘Towers: Literary and Art Magazine’ act as a vessel which contains the creativity of fellow NIU students in poetry, fiction and art,” said Ken Fox and Dan Kraemer, art directors of the magazine.

A reception for the magazine was held Wednesday to honor two prose writers and two poets who contributed to the magazine.

Senior design major in visual communications and winner of the first place prose award, Gregory Nettles, said that being in the magazine is a pleasant surprise. “I didn’t feel the story was satisfactory so I will keep working on it to see if it will be published again,” he said.

Amanda Christensen, assistant editor of “Towers,” said that she really likes this issue because of the new magazine-type format. The magazine is also printed on 100-percent recycled paper, she said.

Christensen added that the magazine contains works of art (literary and visual) which represent all of the various students.

She also said that it’s nice “to get involved in a quality piece of work coming from the students.”

Mary Collins, senior English major and winner of the first place poetry award, said she also is excited that her poetry will be in print.

The magazine will come out next week and is available in the Holmes Student Center, the Honors House and the English department lounge in Reavis Hall, Room 211.