Police, Judicial Office continue investigation

By Jami Peterson

University Police and the Student Judicial Office still are investigating the beating of an NIU judicial board member two weeks ago.

The black male was punched, kicked and stomped on by three other black males during a “Fast Eddie” concert. The battery occurred in the northeast corner of the Holmes Student Center at about 1 a.m. late last month.

Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles said one of the three black males was identified by the board member as a defendant in a recent judicial appeals trial.

A hearing is scheduled for next week, with other members of the judicial office serving on the board, Bolles said. “I remove myself from things that happen directly under me.”

Bolles said he has received three phone calls from students who said they might have seen the suspects, but the witnesses could not identify them.

Investigating the case, UP Det. Curt Underwood said no charges have been filed concerning the battery. The case still is being investigated and witnesses still are being interviewed, he said.

The state’s attorney’s office is also being consulted on the charges, he added.

“We were kind of slowed down by Spring Break,” he said.

Underwood said anyone who might have witnessed the battery should notify the UPs or call Crime Stoppers at 895-3272.