Choose life

If you read this, you weren’t aborted!!! No, you are alive, walking, talking, thinking, breathing. It’s amazing, someone loved each of us so much that they walked around with us in their womb for over nine months of their lives, our mothers. Maybe you know your mother, maybe you don’t. Maybe you came into the world rich, poor or somewhere in between. Your family could be good, bad, wonderful or indifferent, any possibility, right? Yes, a whole lot of things make up a LIFE. And now here you are, reading the newspaper, going to school, working, SOMETHING!

It would have been terrible if, as children, we were told that our futures were limited, that we had no options, that according to a graph somewhere, we would never “make it” in this world. You see, no one can predict a life, we are all too unique, too special. To you folks that are determining other’s lives and futures, wake up!! You show NO LOVE in your position, and no hope for the future. Yes, I know, it’s a fallen world, problems everywhere, hardships abound, but at least we’re here to give it a go. All those unique, special people who die in the womb will NEVER know life, and some say that’s better for everybody. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Alison Joy Vorreyer


History Major

Art Minor