Sycamore officials study bids for generator

By Paul Kirk

Sycamore city officials are studying bids introduced to them at the Feb. 24 city council meeting for an emergency generator to be installed in the municipal building.

The generator system is expected to operate the 911 emergency system as well as supply emergency power to the Municipal Building and the Street Department.

“The generator will be capable of running the entire Municipal Building as well as the Street Department,” City Engineer John Brady said.

There were four bids presented by Brady to the council. Bids were given for both diesel and natural gas as requested by the city’s aldermen.

“Diesel is more efficient than gas systems, but diesel can go bad if not run. You have to properly mix the diesel for summer and winter months and run the system about once a week,” 2nd Ward Ald. Roy Smith.

Patton Power Systems, Illini Power Products, Forces Inc. and Cummings-Onen Northern Illinois all contributed bids in the range of $20,000.

The lowest bid came from Patton Power Systems for a 75 kilowatt natural gas generator for $21,363 while the highest bid was issued by Forces Inc. for a 85 kilowatt natural gas generator for $26,518.

The lowest diesel bid was from Patton Power Systems for a 75 kilowatt system for $21,768, however, Illini Power Products offered a 100 kilowatt generator for $21,800.

“The bids are about half the price of what we expected,” 4th Ward Ald. Robert Binder said.

Brady said it would take time to review all of the bids. The council voted to table the bid selections until the March 9 meeting so the bids could be properly studied.

The March 9 meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the city Municipal Building.