SA presidential candidates voice views

By Megan Knowles

Candidates for the 1992-93 Student Association executive board are starting to get their names and issues out before Tuesday and Wednesday’s elections.

Following is a profile of each of the SA presidential candidates:

Timothy Dinan, junior economics major

Dinan said he wants to be SA president because, as a transfer student from the College of DuPage, he sees things on campus that need to be changed. Dinan said as SA president, he would be in the best position to make those changes.

If elected, he plans to use that strength to work with the NIU administration.

Although Dinan said the Board of Regents should not be eliminated, he thinks “they should have a different system. There are better ways it (the BOR) could be run.”

While at the College of DuPage, Dinan was involved in student government and was vice president and president of a science fiction club.

Maurice Thomas, junior political science and corporate communications major

Thomas said he feels qualifications are not enough to become SA president. He is running for SA president because he said he feels and believes he can represent the students.

“To lead is to follow as to follow is to always be prepared to lead,” Thomas said.

He said the key to handling the NIU administration is to build stronger relationships because everyone is working for the same goal.

Thomas said the BOR process could be better utilized. He said the BOR needs to be evaluated, and upon evaluation a decision can be reached.

Thomas is vice president of NIU’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (NAACP) and the director of Student Committee on Financial Aid. He has served on a model Illinois government and has been a U.S. student ambassador in the Soviet Union. Thomas also is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha. He has been involved with student government for six years.

Daniel Bryant, sophomore physics major

Bryant, who was an SA senator last year, said he resigned because of the “futility of senate.” He said issues were tabled too often and he needed a higher platform to get things done for the students.

Bryant said that a lot of things need to be changed and that is why he is running for SA president. If elected, he said he plans to work on judicial reform and to find things that are of benefit to students.

“The BOR is a recycled issue. It could go either way,” Bryant said. However, he said it should not be eliminated.

He said that communication is the key to handling the administration.

“No one is always correct. You take it as it comes. You guide the situation and work within the system,” Bryant said.

He said he feels adaptability is an important characteristic for a leader. “If leaders can’t change, that’s when they’re not leaders anymore.”

Gino Barrto, junior corporate communications major

Barrto said he wants to become SA president because he wants “to be in the best position possible to hear all the students’ needs and be in the best position to act on those needs.

“We should strive to work together more effectively with the administration,” Barrto said.

He said he is qualified to be SA president because he is a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, and he was trained to be a leader.

“I’m not afraid to say no to anyone when I feel there is just cause,” he said.

Barrto said the BOR should prove why we should keep them. The facts should be gathered and a decision made. Barrto said it does not matter what he thinks on the issue, but what the students think.

He said he wants to provide students with a more functional channel of communication, providing students with knowledge of what is going on in the senate and allowing them a voice.

Barrto is currently involved in the Big Brother/Big Sister program in DeKalb, the SA senate and was an NIU cheerleader.