Harris mislead

This letter is in response to the letter by Robert Harris which was published in the March 16 edition of The Northern Star. The title of his letter, “Facts Misleading,” is a very good description of the statements contained within the letter. The so-called “facts” he presents are indeed misleading.

First, Harris states that the plan “Democrats worship as our cure-all” is based on the Canadian system. In fact, the plan that most of the Democratic leadership support is the pay or play plan. Jerry Brown is the only Democratic presidential candidate that supports the Canadian plan.

Second, Harris also states that the Republicans offer “realistic, affordable and helpful choices.” If this means adopting President Bush’s plan, I say NOT. Bush’s plan was conceived from polling data and will do nothing to help us out of this crisis. Time magazine has said that the Bush plan is an “election year proposal,” and “fails to give the working poor adequate care and does little to control rising medical costs.” In fact, Louis Sullivan, secretary of Health and Human Services in Bush’s cabinet, testified before the Senate that the administration plan will not provide coverage for all Americans.

In addition, the president proposes giving a tax credit or deduction to poor and middle-class people so that they can purchase health insurance. However, the credit or deduction will only be $3750 at the most—hardly enough to pay an insurance premium of $5600 for an average family.

So Mr. Harris, I would hope that the next time you want to discredit the opposing party in an obviously desperate attempt to influence voters the day before the election, you will make sure your “facts” are accurate. As you stated, “It’s easy to promise the sky and say that you will deliver.” Remember “Read my lips—no new taxes?”

Jon Dunker


Community Health