Two new restaurants proposed for DeKalb

By Donald Roth Jr.

If approved by the DeKalb City Council, DeKalb might be the site of two new restaurants.

One proposed plan calls for a sit-down type restaurant to be built on the east side of Annie Glidden Road, south of the railroad tracks.

The restaurant will include decor similar to Bennigans’s or Olive Garden restaurants, DeKalb Planning Director Mark Biernacki said.

Menus at the establishment would include pasta, chicken and a variety of other foods, he said.

The proposed land will be developed by Mike “KoKo” Hrovat and the restaurant would be called KoKo’s.

Impeding the development process are two minor developing details which need to be ironed out, Biernacki said.

The restaurant’s proposed location would require a 40-foot setback, which would force the proposed restaurant’s parking area to be changed, Biernacki said.

The second concern of the Planning Commission are access points to KoKo’s.

“The proposed access point could cause a problem because it’s so close to the railroad viaduct and because of the point where two lanes merge on Annie Glidden Road,” he said.

The solution to the access points problem is to allow for temporary access to the restaurant from Annie Glidden Road, he said. In the future, a new access point would be provided for by the development of adjacent property, allowing access to the restaurant from a point further south.

“The adjacent property is owned by the city and would provide KoKo’s with a safer access point,” Biernacki said.

He said the property for the access point will be provided to KoKo’s regardless of whether the city develops the property or seals it.

The DeKalb Planning Commission gave its approval for another new restaurant to be located at 1118 W. Lincoln Hwy

The property will be developed by Tom Vilet and the restaurant’s name will be Zipps, Biernacki said.

“Zipps will feature traditional fast-food dining with a built-in drive-thru,” he said.

A few years ago, the same site was being developed for a drive-in restaurant and motel, he said. But the development plans fell through and construction was never started.

Biernacki said the approved plan requires only one access point on Lincoln Highway, even if more than one structure is built on the property.

The plan for KoKo’s restaurant is expected to be approved by the Plan Commission Wednesday, while the plan for Zipp’s restaurant will go before the full DeKalb City Council April 13, he said.