Election finishers compete in runoff

By Jayna Ronayne

If everything goes as planned, students should know the winners of the 1992-93 SA executive board election by early Thursday.

Because no one got 50 percent or more of the votes in last week’s elections, the two top finishers for each office will compete in the runoff.

In the presidential race, write-in candidate Jodie English will face another write-in candidate, Paul Middleton.

Write-in candidate Anastasia Criscione will run against Jennifer Sarro in the race for vice president, and the office of treasurer will be decided after Tony Lopykinski has a runoff against write-in candidate Steve Pryor.

The runoff will be held Wednesday with polling places again located in DuSable Hall, Founder Memorial Library and the Pow Wow in the Holmes Student Center. Polls will be open for one day only, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

SA Election Commissioner Lance Schart said he hopes to have as successful a turnout as during last week’s SA elections.

“I’m really hoping we’ll have a positive turnout, like the 3,000 plus we did last time,” Schart said. “It shows that students here at NIU really aren’t apathetic.”

Schart also said he urges all students on campus to vote in Wednesday’s election.

“I encourage everyone that came out and voted last time to come out and vote again,” he said, “especially those who voted previously for those who didn’t win, so their voice can still be heard by the administration and the SA.”