Council meets to ease tension

By Megan Knowles

Student leaders are coming together to remedy the racial problems on campus at an advisory council meeting tonight.

The advisory council, All Students Being Altogether Real (ASBAR), will meet tonight at 9 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center, Room 505. Although the meeting is not closed, student leaders, advisers and presidents of organizations have been urged to attend.

Rebecca Bahr, Student Association public relations adviser, said the idea came up during a brainstorming session in the committee as a whole at Sunday’s senate meeting.

SA Sen. Trevell Eddins asked Nolen Hendreson, SA minority relations adviser, what was being done in regards to the racial tension on campus. Hendreson discussed the need for such a council during his report.

“We plan to come up with some solutions,” Hendreson said. “The solution lies with every student and organization. We need joint understanding and to be real with one another,” he added.

SA Sen. Dawn Lowry said change will not happen overnight. “Hopefully, something can grow, especially if groups work together. It won’t be solved by one person.”

endreson said he is concerned about stepping into other organizations’ boundaries. “If they want to help out, they should,” he said.

“Fighting racial tension can’t be viewed as a program. It’s a lifetime of efforts, a lifetime battle for everybody. It doesn’t matter where you are, everyone is affected,” he said.

Hendreson said those who attend should bring written, if not typed, solutions to the problem.

Bahr said the council’s intent is positive in nature. “The SA has been continually criticized for not catering to the needs of students. This council they put together is formed with the purpose of serving campus relations.

“I hope it will eliminate any miscommunication and misunderstanding and open the lines of communication, so people can talk on an intelligent level in an open way,” Bahr added.

She said she hopes people will not stay away because the council is part of the SA.