Head for the polls Tuesday

As the national media turns its attention to Illinois and Michigan, it’s time for us to merit that look and head for the polls.

Both midwest states hold their primaries Tuesday. According to “those who know,” our dear home state is crucially important for former Massachusetts Sen. Paul Tsongas. Tsongas trails Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and needs strong support here.

It’s equally as crucial for Clinton, who wants to keep racking up delegates before the Democratic convention. If he can get the support of labor from these strong industrial states, it will be key in his bid for the nomination.

Chicago lawyer Al Hofeld might have a surprise for Sen. Alan Dixon come Tuesday. Cook County Recorder of Deeds Carol Moseley Braun might surprise them both.

However, all of these candidates—and the scores more running for school boards and judges and supreme courts—need votes. Primaries around the country are being plagued by miserable voter turnout. Illinois residents can change the trend.

Voting is not a right, but a privilege. Those who do not take advantage of this benefit of democracy have no reason to complain if they don’t like the way things are. Make a difference and vote.