NIU should mind its own business

Although NIU might win its impending lawsuit with Management Association of Illinois, the victory will be a hollow one.

NIU had no business sticking its name where it doesn’t belong, and that is on the Business and Industry Services. If NIU was smart, it would have turned its back when approached by a few disgruntled employees.

NIU needs to concentrate on the academic aspect of education, something that President La Tourette has been tooting for the longest time.

If allegations are true and the six now-NIU employees did take papers and clients, then NIU should cut out their business ethics course because it obviously doesn’t mean anything.

The fact that NIU probably will win the lawsuit is irrelevant. What matters is the message the faculty, students and communities are getting about NIU. If NIU is in the practice to welcome employees with open arms who steal clients and papers, then the NIU business school’s reputation is at stake.

The business school is something NIU cannot afford to lose. It attracts many students every year.

The sad part of the entire thing is the Business and Industry Services, which was brought on campus to make money, is actually in the hole $170,000. Not only will NIU swallow that expense, there are attorney fees to consider. A suit for $1 million cannot be defended on peanuts, which is what NIU should have, considering all the budget cuts.

Maybe President La Tourette should remember NIU is a university first before engaging in such unethical practices again.