“Raised by Wolves” depicts religion in a futuristic society


Coco Van Oppens | HBO Max

The first episode of science-fiction show “Raised by Wolves” was released September 2020. (from left to right) Aasiya Shah, Winta McGrath, Felix Jamieson (Coco Van Oppens | HBO Max)

By Kyron Lewis, Lifestyle Writer

“Raised by Wolves” is a science fiction series on HBO Max that questions the role of religion in a future of advanced science. According to NPR, the series is executively produced by Ridley Scott, who directed the first two episodes. It premiered in 2020 and currently has two seasons, which have both received much praise, according to IMDB

The series takes place in the future after a destructive, religious war between the Mithraic and atheist groups has destroyed the Earth. The series centers on a pair of androids, played by Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim, tasked with raising human children on an alien planet. The colony the androids are trying to build threatens to be torn apart by the same religious differences that destroyed the Earth. 

The series deals heavily with philosophical and religious themes, blended perfectly into the dialogue to bring a unique take on science fiction. The series asks a lot of questions of its viewership on the topic of religion in society and how often it can be used to control, while acknowledging the hope and benefits of religious beliefs. 

Viewers will question every detail. We see how terrible, controlling and destructive humanity can be towards each other in the destruction of the planet. The story has many mysteries and twists pertaining to the characters and the setting, an alien planet called Kepler-22b, which is a real, potentially habitable planet outside of our solar system. The humans and androids soon discover that Kepler-22b and the conflict that destroyed the Earth are not as they seem and there is an ominous force on the planet that threatens their existence and beliefs. 

The cinematography and special effects in the series are astounding. The creatures and sets are realistic and become even more epic with the presence of a giant being that appears in the show. The planet has dangers that threaten the existence of humans. The stakes are higher and deaths hold weight because this is the last remaining colony and humans have become an endangered species.

The series has been nominated for awards such as a Primetime Emmy, Critics Choice Super Awards and Writers Guild of America, according to IMDB

The writing keeps the audience engaged and constantly guessing, but admittedly can be confusing at times. Storylines and plot details take time before they are expanded upon further. This includes having things revealed in certain episodes but not coming into fruition until possibly the next season.

It is unknown if there will be a season three as nothing has been announced yet. However, the second season has received much praise by the fanbase and this series is perfect for hardcore science-fiction fans.