Reward offered for information about sniper

By Stewart Warren

Three DeKalb pizzeria owners cooked up a plan Thursday to catch the NIU BB gun sniper and are offering a $150 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Domino’s Pizza, 1015 W. Hillcrest Drive, Lukulos Campus Pizza House, 1021 Hillcrest Drive, and Pizza Pro’s, 110 Hillcrest Drive, forked over $50 each to entice someone to come forward with information about the air rifle attacks, University Police said.

A Grant Towers North sniper blasted BBs at three pizza delivery drivers and one woman Feb. 17. A sniper at Stevenson Towers North shot an air rifle at a fourth delivery person Feb. 20, police said.

George Leonard, manager of Domino’s Pizza, 1015 W. Hillcrest Drive, said one of the restaurant’s drivers delivered the idea. “Mike Hillman, the owner of the DeKalb and Sycamore Domino’s, set it up with the owners of the other restaurants,” Leonard said.

The sniper shattered the car window of a Domino’s Pizza driver who was delivering Feb. 20 to Stevenson Towers North, Leonard said.

“We’d like to see the person responsible thrown out of school and put in jail,” Leonard said.

The Domino’s Pizza manager said the restaurants got involved in the police investigation because they are concerned about employee safety.

Leonard said Domino’s drivers are plagued by more than pot shots from air rifles. They often are hassled when they deliver pizzas to the residence halls.

“The people in the lobbies give the drivers a hard time,” Leonard said. “They don’t realize the drivers are students just like them who are trying to make a buck. They don’t need to be hassled while they are working.”

A driver from Lukulos who was shot at agreed with Leonard. “I’d like to see the person caught,” the employee said.

The UPs are hungry for more information, said UP Detective Curt Underwood. “We’ve talked to everyone on those floors, but we don’t have any new information yet.”