Vandals slash tires in DeKalb

By Julie Listek

Owners of vehicles parked in residential areas south of Lincoln Highway might have been victims of the tire slashings occurring some time this weekend.

About 20 reports of slashed car tires were reported to the DeKalb Police Department early Monday.

The reports started coming in early Monday morning and did not stop until about 10 a.m., said Lt. Richard Moudy of the DeKalb Police Department.

He said the vandalism seems to have happened sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Most vehicles struck by the vandals were parked on streets in the residential areas near the south part of DeKalb and it appears the tires of the vehicles were punctured with a knife or other similar sharp object, police said.

The vandals slashed between one and two tires on each car hit, Moudy said.

Police said the damage is reported at about $2,000.

Moudy said there are no suspects and “those affected haven’t seen anything unusual.”