Student activity fee to increase for fall

By Matt Michalek

The student activity fee will increase next fall for the third time in six years.

Michelle Emmett, director of University Programming and Activities, said the fee will be increased 27 cents per semester hour for undergraduates, 17 cents per semester hour for law students and 12 cents per semester hour for graduate students.

Emmett said the fee is being increased for three reasons. The fee increase will be used to generate more funds for student organizations, provide more support for the student legal assistance office and create a technical manager position to assist with programmatic demand, she said.

She said the increase is needed to provide more funds for student organizations on campus and for new student organizations to get the funding they need.

We also want to provide more assistance to the student legal assistance office, she said.

Student Association President Preston Came agreed that the student legal assistance office is in need of some aid.

“The staff of the student legal assistance office is grossly uncompensated, and they receive no customary benefits such as health insurance,” he said.

Emmett said with the fee increase, NIU wants to increase the salaries of the lawyers, add a third law clerk and increase benefits, such as health insurance, for the staff.

She said the full-time technical director is needed to coordinate and supervise all events put on by the Campus Activities Board that need technical assistance, she said.

Right now, UP&A has a professional on staff who takes care of all aspects of all the programs put on by CAB. With over 20 shows and concerts a year, this places an incredible time demand on him, said Emmett.

The new position would free him from the technical duties, and allow him to concentrate more on the creative and artistic aspects of the programs, she said.

The fee increase will take effect in the fall semester of 1992.