Do your part

Environmental issues are a big concern in today’s society. Recycling is only one aspect of the proposed techniques to save the Earth. It’s amazing to me that recycling has only recently turned into a huge campaign nationwide, but what is even harder for me to believe is the large number of people who are too lazy or ignorant to take part in this important cause.

Living in a residence hall, I am able to observe several different people on a daily basis. On my particular floor alone, I am disgusted with what I see occurring everyday. People will take their wastebaskets into the pressing room and empty them into the large garbage cans provided for them. Their trash is thrown away: newspapers, aluminum cans, and all.

The only reason I can see for people throwing away their aluminum cans with other trash is pure laziness. Less than one foot away from the garbage can on our floor is a recycling bin provided to us by the American National Can Recycling Society. How much effort could it take to separate your cans from the trash and throw them into the recycling bin?

Newspapers are another perfect example. In the main lobby of our residence hall is a newspaper receptacle. Nobody can say that they don’t pass through the lobby at least once a day, so why can’t they bring their old papers downstairs with them on their way out to class or meals?

Perhaps I am too quick to judge these offenders and call them lazy. Maybe they’re just unaware that these recycling facilities exist. If that is the case, now you know. All I ask is that you do something about it.

Denise Dorgan


Pre-Physical Therapy