Equal rights

In regards to the editorial “NIU’s Budget Already Stretched,” I feel that the Star was trying to blame the handicapped people by saying that if money is spent on making classes accessible for handicapped students, there won’t be any funding for the classes. The money used in order to make classes accessible does not come from the same budget that the money for classes comes from.

Everyone should have equal rights to attend the classes that they wish to attend. What would happen if a non_disabled student unexpectedly became handicapped due to a car accident, etc.? That student would still assume that they should be able to finish their degree. It would be quite a shock to find out that, once disabled, you could not go to your class because it was inaccessible, therefore you were unable to earn your degree. The Disabilities Act of 1990 became a federally-mandated program for a reason.

Any intelligent American should have the right and accessibility to attend any class that they feel they want to take. Disabled and non_disabled should be treated equally. It’s not an issue blaming the handicapped. In many instances, ramps could have just as easily been made as stairs for a very similar cost. Anyone can go up a ramp, but the handicapped often are unable to go up stairs.

For those buildings that are accessible to the handicapped, it is usually in one place of the building. Often the handicapped have to brave the frigid days much longer than we do because they have to go around to the opposite side of the building just to get in.

Next time you decide to oppress the handicapped, make sure you think about all aspects of the problem and how it evolved.

Mona Boudreau


Pre-Computer Science