Senior honor society to select new members

By Suzanne Sapienza

The deadline is nearing to submit an application to join NIU’s only senior honor society.

Applications for Mortar Board, the only honor society recognized at graduation, are due February 14. Forms can be picked up in the Student Orientation office on the seventh floor of the Holmes Student Center.

The group will choose new members, with a maximum of 40, in a cooperative effort. The qualifications needed to apply include senior status, a 3.2 or higher grade point average and two letters of recommendation. The group also takes into account an applicant’s involvement through work and campus activities.

Mortarboard’s 35 members this year have been involved in various community service projects, such as cleaning up campus, throwing a Halloween party at Kishwaukee Hospital, and sponsoring a book week which raised money for the Malta Public Library.

Mortar Board President Jim Molidor, an accounting major, enjoys the organization’s various activities. Molidor said, “I get many benefits out of helping both the school and community, and it’s fun too.”

The group is planning a campaign to fight illiteracy later this semester. Members will go to local factories and distribute phone numbers of people that can help workers learn to read, Molidor said.

Although members said they agree that helping others is important, Mortar Board is also a great way to meet people. Mortar Board member Julie Hateman said the greatest benefit of being a member is “being able to meet people from different majors and find out what life is like in other fields.”

Molidor said the mixture of diverse people makes the organization beneficial. The group has “some of the best leaders and most active students on campus,” he said.

Mortar Board was founded by women and until 10 or 15 years ago, was made up exclusively of women. Although the group’s slogan is still “for the promotion and advancement of women,” they are in the process of replacing the word “women” with the words “all people.”