FS in search of new adviser

By Jami Peterson

The Faculty Senate is probing the campus for a new faculty personnel adviser.

FS President J. Carroll Moody said any NIU faculty member who believes in due process, knows all policies and procedures and is interested in assisting faculty should apply.

“(A faculty personnel adviser) is someone that fellow faculty members can go to and get advice on a lot of different issues,” Moody said.

Faculty members who believe they’re not getting a “fair shake” learn what steps to take from the faculty personnel adviser, he said.

Completing his third year as faculty personnel adviser, NIU psychologist Walter Katkovsky will be passing the buck to someone new. Katkovsky held the two-year term, which can only be renewed for 11 months, as long as he could.

Moody said he was pleased with Katkovsky’s performance as faculty personnel adviser. “I think he’s done an excellent job,” he said.

Katkovsky said even though at times helping faculty required taking positions against administrators, he found the position challenging and very rewarding.

“I think the university should be commended for having established the position,” he said.

“It provides a source of support and counseling for faculty who are having problems in terms of their advancement or their adjustment to various conditions in the university.”

Katkovsky said the new incumbent should be prepared to deal with difficult personnel. However, he said, the biggest reward is “assisting faculty in getting the support to state their case and receive fair treatment.”

Moody said he has received a few phone calls, but expects more formal interest later.

Anyone appointed must be a full-time, tenured faculty member. Applications and nominations will be accepted until April 15.