Committee to deliberate on fee increases

By Matt Michalek

Tomorrow the President’s Fee Study Committee will deliberate over three fee increase requests presented to them over the last few weeks.

Members will vote whether to approve requests for a 13 percent student activity fee increase, a 1.7 percent increase for busing fees and a cost of living increase in athletic fees.

The athletic cost of living fee increase is based on net increases in tuition, fees and room and board next year.

If the student activities fee increase is passed, it will cost undergraduate students an extra 27 cents, law students 17 cents and graduate students 11 cents in fees.

If the busing fee increase is passed, it will cost undergraduates, law students and graduate students each an additional 6 cents.

The committee meets every year to consider fee increase requests from fee-supported groups on campus.

The committee is made up of representatives from the provost office, the president’s office, the Student Association and other university departments.

Committee chairman Donald Davidson said the group reviews the requests with their representatives, votes to pass it or not and then sends the requests to NIU President John La Tourette for his approval.