SAMTB resolves logo issue

By Megan Knowles

The Mass Transit Board prepared a resolution about the new Huskie buses during its Monday meeting in response to several inquiries.

Student Association Mass Transit Adviser Pat Sanchez said NIU Transportation Manager William Finucane is pushing to have the NIU name and Huskie logo removed from the six new Huskie buses.

Sanchez said Finucane told him he has been receiving phone calls saying NIU purchased new buses. Sanchez said Finucane told him he must explain that the buses were purchased by the SA with student fees.

Finucane was unavailable for comment.

Huskie Line Supervisor Jack Kozumplik said Finucane told him because the Huskie Line is a private company, they had no right to the trademark. Kozumplik said Finucane was concerned about what would happen if one of the new buses with the NIU name on it got into an accident

“We are fully insured under U.S. Department of Transportation rules. We have more coverage than the law requires,” Kozumplik said.

“We are responsible for the vehicles, we are responsible for the insurance, we put the drivers behind the wheel. Anything that happens is going to go to our insurance company, not back at the university,” he added.

After discussion, the board agreed to the following resolution: “In response to student body support for the display of the NIU logo and Huskie on the six new SA Mass Transit Board buses, the board remains committed to the continuation of said display.”

“When we decided to have the specs on the bus, we went through all the proper channels to get permission,” Sanchez said.

“We were proud to have that (NIU name) mentioned. We provide the service for NIU, we’ve done it for the last 21 years,” he said.

“It’s something the students wanted and we shouldn’t have to have it taken off,” Sanchez added.