UC discusses recent lawsuit

By Jami Peterson

University Council members disagreed Wednesday with a new summer class schedule and NIU President John La Tourette’s decision to put discussion of a recent lawsuit filed against NIU on the Faculty Senate back burner.

Although the recent $1 million Management Association of Illinois lawsuit was dismissed Tuesday, faculty are still worried. La Tourette said he preferred to give details at next Wednesday’s FS meeting.

Philosophy Professor Sherman Stanage said he believed the UC, which includes student voices, is a better place to discuss where the project money came from.

“If I were a student in a class and I raised a question absolutely relevant, it would be inappropriate for the professor to tell me to go down the hall and ask the question,” Stanage said.

After some discussion about the issue, La Tourette said MAI has “absolutely no evidence,” and MAI President Charles Blanchard is just covering himself after driving his own employees away.

Also discussed was the new summer session schedule which will begin on June 24 and run for six and a half weeks, instead of the usual eight-week session which would have begun June 15. This will place six days of the session on fiscal year 1993’s budget, reducing FY 92 budget costs by $397,800.

“There would have been a tremendous burden on academic affairs if we would have had to come up with the money (saved through the new project),” said UC Executive Secretary J. Carroll Moody.

Physics Department Chairman Richard Preston said some departments should be allowed to volunteer classes beginning June 15 and receive the same payment.

La Tourette said he could not put employees on a June 24 contract if they begin teaching June 15, but some exceptions may be made.

“I don’t understand this. We’re looking under the bed for problems,” Preston said.

Also on the agenda, the confidentiality of student evaluation of instruction procedures was looked at.