Halls offer various Valentine’s Day ideas

By Michelle Esposito

The days of roses and candy have gone the way of the Valentine condom.

Most residence hall groups are selling condoms as a way to raise money this week.

Lincoln Hall is making valentine cards in the lobby to send to sweethearts or friends, said junior Kim Jeffries, a pre-professional studies major. Jeffries also said Lincoln will be selling Hershey’s kisses, personal ads and condom-grams. “We are also doing the game Fore Play and The Dating Game as part of the series week,” she added.

Grant Towers North is selling cookies, balloons and condoms to be delivered in mailboxes on Valentine’s Day, said freshman Jeff Kalkowski, a business major.

Jarvis Sanford, senior staff member at Grant Towers South said the hall is doing three programs. The hall is offering the game “Battle of Taboo,” and DeKalb Confectionary will be doing a presentation of how to make chocolate. Grant South is also offering a workshop to allow students the chance to make gifts for their sweethearts. “We will also be selling balloons and condom grams,” Sanford said.

Sophomore Lynn Ackerman said Stevenson Towers North is selling balloons and “condom-o-grams.”

Stevenson Towers South is selling carnations, candy grams and condom grams to be delivered on Valentine’s Day said sophomore Lisa Schmitt, a business major.

Douglas Hall is selling colored and mint-flavored condoms, Hershey Kisses and cupid deliveries, said Mary Toufexis, a junior biology major.

The oddball of the group is Neptune Hall which is taking an old-fashioned approach. Neptune students are selling balloons and handmade satin roses and offering messages in the hall newsletter, said Ervinna Acox.