Hang criminals

Public hangings should be reinstituted and Jeffrey Dahmer should be the first in line. I believe his trial shows the shambles our judicial system has become. How a man who pleads guilty can use the reason of insanity to win his case is beyond my deepest fears. A man, in whose house was found the remains of 11 or so other humans, deserves to die. “Oh,” one may say, “but what about his rights?” To which I say what about the rights of the 17 boys he admits to killing (and eating)? What about my right to walk the streets in safety?

I believe that in the case of murder, the killer deserves the same sentence as the victim—death! The victim had no rights. The victim was not “innocent until proven guilty.” The victim has no chance of parole.

It is also my opinion that no evidence or confession can be considered “illegally obtained.” If a man is found with illegal substances, how does he have a defense? If a man confesses to a crime, how can he later say he didn’t want to confess or he didn’t know his rights? It infuriates me at the number of criminals who go free or serve time and are let out only to commit crimes or murder again!

I call upon legislators, judges, and citizens to toughen up and stand up to criminals who “play the system.”

Garren Bought