SA to review new budgets at next meeting

By Megan Knowles

More budgets are on the agenda for the Student Association’s Sunday meeting.

SA Vice President John Quilico said the meeting would cover about eight to 16 budgets.

Quilico said he did not know how many of the budgets were SA originated, as some of the advisers have their own budgets.

“What (SA Treasurer) Joe (Kolerich) has done is told various advisers to come up with budgets for their own offices. That way, they have their own money to work with on specific projects for next year,” he said.

“As far as what came out of the Internal Affairs Committee, there’s no new business that I know of as of yet,” Quilico said.

The eight vacant senate seats have not been filled yet. Quilico said he hopes that there will be names brought up at this Sunday’s meeting.

“I was hoping last week that some vacant seats would be filled, but the people who are required to review those seats weren’t able to get through all the interviews,” Quilico said.