Campus Missions concludes documentary

By Matt Michalek

Tonight the Campus Missions International presents part two of a video documentary exploring the spiritual forces of rock music.

The documentary is a five-part video series produced by Reel to Reel Ministries. The first three parts were shown Tuesday night and the last two will be presented tonight in Room 204 of DuSable Hall.

Jeff Weinstein, president of Campus Ministries International, said the presentation is purely informational.

“We show it every semester and people seem to enjoy it,” he said.

“We are not recruiting new members, or preaching that if you listen to rock you will go to hell,” he said. “This is an eye- opening subject and we present it to inform people who are interested.”

Weinstein said usually 55 to 60 people attend each showing, and the reactions vary from very bad to very good.

“Some people like it and some don’t,” he said.

After the presentation a few people from Campus Missions International will give a short speech about the subject, with a question and answer period following.

Weinstein said many people stay after the presentation and discuss the film with others in the audience. Response cards are passed out for people to give their opinions about the film as well, he said.