Parking change results in tickets

By Jami Peterson

Some students received unexpected gifts during semester break when they found tickets on their car windshields.

Because of a change in the parking policy and a lack of communication, some students and faculty received tickets for parking in empty lots they thought they could use.

Patricia Hewitt, associate vice president for Business and Operations, said complaints were received from those who weren’t aware of the change and received tickets.

“People figured once finals were over, they could park anywhere they wanted to,” Hewitt said.

The parking committee changed the policy after receiving complaints from some faculty members who used the blue lots, she said.

The policy, which formerly allowed parking in any lot during break, does not allow anyone without a permit to park in a blue faculty parking lot from Dec. 9 to 24 and from Jan. 2 to 10.

Hewitt said students who received these tickets should not walk away with their heads held down. “Anyone who got a ticket during this time should appeal it,” she said.

However, Orv Kersten, representative of the Campus Parking Appeals Committee, said these appeals will not be handled any differently than other appeals.

“You must realize if (certain rules for) lots are posted it’s for all times,” he said.

But, he said, if an appeal is made the committee will hear it and decide from there.

University Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles, who also is a member of the parking committee, said although he was not aware of a change in policy, he received his fair share of complaints during break.

“It appears there were a lot of tickets issued over the break,” he said. “Some people said they got tickets for parking on empty lots.”

He said he believes problems came because the change was made without informing the faculty and the students. “Everybody here is a creature of habit,” he said, and will park where they have parked in the past.