Meteorology internship program offered

By Dawn C. Brown

NIU students have a chance to gain hands-on experience through an undergraduate meteorology internship program.

Students and faculty can work at an actual weather service, many of which are located in the surrounding areas of Illinois.

NIU meteorologist Allen Staver said a number of successful internships have been coordinated at weather services in Chicago, Marseilles, Moline, Dubuque and Rockford.

He said the experience students receive is very much the same as an actual job.

Staver said the program will allow exchange teaching done at the weather service and bring new information back to NIU.

“Formulizing this program allows interns to make money and gain free information for research capabilities given from the university,” Staver said.

He said students learn about weather observations through manuals and past exams, as well as entering pertinent information into computers.

Automated instruments and trained observers study the changes in weather every hour of the day.

He said any research the university may need can be gained free of charge through the National Weather Service.

Students interested in joining the program must be at least a junior majoring in meteorology or geography. Once involved as an intern, students will be able to use equipment not affordable to the university.

Michael Eckert, president of The Weather Channel, received a degree in meteorology from NIU. Eckert is setting an example for many students seeking job placement after a full internship.